Boulder Masons to Have Charter Soon

March 11, 1932

An old article from the Boulder City Journal dated March 11, 1932.

Boulder Masons To Have Charter Soon

Sufficient Demits Now, Dispensation Expected At Early Date

Boulder City masons, headed temporarily by Dr. Wales Haas, expect to form and Masonic lodge for the community in the near future.

J.L. Finney, temporary secretary of the group, has received all the demits necessary for a Masonic lodge in Boulder City, and probably will soon receive dispensation from the grand master of the state.

The Masons have just been organized into a temporary order until a charter can be granted them some time this summer. All members up to that time will be counted as charter members of the Boulder City Lodge.

Meetings are being held every Tuesday night by the local members of the order, and the following officers have been chosen to serve until the lodge can be granted the charter: Dr. Wales Haas, worshipful master, Robert Middagh, senior warden; Ernest Stokes, junior warden; J.L. Finney, secretary; and Robert F. Skinner, treasurer.

There are about 400 masons in the Hoover Dam reservation it has been estimated by those organizing the local lodge.